The artist commonly know as Vader is no stranger to music. Hailing from the community of Fond Cole, Vader has been contributing to entertainment in the nature isle as far back as the nineties. A member of the BFS crew And Dark Angel's Click
along with his friends from the community he found a way to be actively involved in entertainment in the communities around roseau through song, skit presentation and the likes. Vader used any platform he could to showcase his talent. A fire officer by profession, music at some point was put on the back burner. However, this was not for too long as with the huge impact of social media Vader managed to use media  platform's to bring laughter along with music to his followers. Going by the name of Tunes Lyfe on social media his various talents have flourished and Vader has succeeded in merging song, story and comedy making him a well rounded entertainer with a growing following.
Follow him on YouTube @vfcmusic, or on facebook @1767mae or Tunes Lyfe..