Quengdem whose rightful name is CJ Eursand George. Born on the 5th of august 1996, grew up in the vibrant community of Fondcole 
before migrating to Antigua and barbuda in 2017. He had a love for music from a very tender age, growing up listening to alot of rnb, reggae,  dancehall, hip-hop and local genres like bouyon and calypso. As time passed by he Gravitated towards reggae dancehall where he began putting rhymes together and melodies to suit. Music felt like the ultimate goal for him based on his desired lifestyle. V8nam Don played a heavy role in encouraging his apatite for wanting to deliver top notch lyrics. He spent endless nights at Vaders studio working on his craft in order to deliver something new to dancehall fans.  He credits his inspiration to the environment where he grew up. Quengdem is focused on becoming a full time Dancehall reggae artist and songwriter. He aims to be successful as a musician and to obtain reachable heights and notifications in the industry.

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