Born at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) on August 20th 1976, Nayee is the first born of Joan Joseph and popular Dominican pan maestro Allan Jno Baptiste who passed away in October 2007. Allan played a critical role in his son's career as a mentor and has continued to build strength in him even through his death. Nayee has always been on the music sceen from a very young age. He has worked with various bands including the popular Efex and Swinginstars band through his contributions as a keyboardist.
Nayee has made great strides in moving bouyon music towards the mainstream. He teamed up with Wayne "Skinny Banton" Robinson in 2004-2005 and released two hit albums – ‘Bring it’ and ‘Solid’. He has also done collaborations with Wayne "Benji" Benjamine of the Tripple Kay Band, Claudette "CP" Peters from Antigua, Terencia "TC" Coward from Barbados and the six-time calypso King of Dominica Dennison "Dice" Joseph. Mention of the WCK band is forthcoming in Nayee's careers since this was the band he spent most of his time and energy producing and writing for thirteen years. With hit after hit during the carnival and independence celebrations, Nayee was the backbone of the WCK band until his resignation in 2012 when he decided to embark on his solo career.
One of the biggest hits of Dominica’s carnival 2010 was the irresistibly upbeat “hold dem” composed by Neijel "Nayee" Jno Baptiste alongside the WCK Band. The song’s lyrics and rhythm capture the effervescence of carnival’s climatic street parade, while it provides an accurate summation of Nayee’s exhaustive musical pursuits. Over the past 18 years, the single constant in Nayee’s ever-changing, steller career, has been his trailblazing approach to Dominica’s indigenous bouyon music. Through his various fusions which include everything from composing reggae and soca music and collaborating with internationally renowned soca artists, this diverse artist has worked tirelessly to establish bouyon energetic offshoot as a viable entity that can make an impact beyond Dominica’s music industry and carnival celebrations.
Nayee can dazzle any crowd, anywhere, not just in a carnival setting. He has performed in prestigious venues all over the world which includes, London, New York and Miami where he went to sing and bring out the unique culture of Dominica.
In carnival 2012 Nayee released the hit singles ‘Same Way and Carnival Culture" with the WCK Band which trail blazed him into being one of the most diverse artist in Dominica. He mixed the cultural with the traditional allowing revelers of all ages to enjoy the message brought forth in each song. It is fit to say that all songs that Nayee has written for himself, bands and other individuals have been captivating and instant hits.
While Nayee’s diversified partnerships have helped broaden bouyon’s appeal, he is also a talented soca and reggae writer and producer.
With his resignation from a band, Nayee is focused on conquering the musical mainstream as skillfully as he has commanded all the hits which he has produced. To facilitate this mission, Nayee will focus on writing and recording songs as a solo artist that will solidify his presence in the Caribbean music market.
" I have been trying to revolutionize bouyon music, trying to improve its quality. It is very difficult to bring bouyon to the international market and stay grounded at home, but we have created a genre of music that we believe is satisfying to all markets and can play on the radio with other popular songs. That is a dream I have always had and something I look forward to achieving."

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