Mr. Ridge

As a Dominican artist, actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Ridge blends numerous sounds
on his keyboard with emotive vocals to create unique, immersive musical experiences.
Inspired from a tender age by the likes of First Serenade, WCK, Belles Combo, and the
Midnight Groovers, Ridge enjoys playing a variety of genres, including bouyon, zouk,
soca, kompa, and reggae. He found his musical calling after being gifted his first
keyboard at the age of 11 by his dad, and his love for music increased when he started
classic music classes shortly after.
Having toured the Caribbean region and the world for the last ten years, he recently
started pursuing his singing career, producing “Riddim Tonight” in 2018 and “Come &
Cocay” in 2019. His latest single “Doh Call My Phone” was released in 2020.

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