Being born on the 7th of July 1991, to Mr and Mrs Jeffers, was Bertist Steven Jeffers. raised in the village of Portsmouth, he began his primary education at the St John’s Primary School followed by the Portsmouth Seven Day Adventist School, and finally graduating from Dominica State College in 2012. 


While in college he and his childhood friends formed a music band called CHOEB meaning ‘Coming Hard on Every Beat’ where they created a number of lyrical songs that flooded the internet. So much so the song ‘Beautiful’ was nominated for the Soca Awards in 2013 as it and ‘Couple of Shots’ were number one on Tempo for weeks. The group then dissolved then soon after he decided to complete a course in the Introduction to Music Production at Berkley University in 2012-2013. 

After being employed at a number of institutions including Ross University, KFC, etc. he decided to become his own boss at 21 by opening his first game shop. 


Mr Jeffers then diversified and entered the poultry industry and the transportation services. As time went by, he tried different things such as trucking.


In 2018 and up until today, he has created one of his biggest accomplishments- BJ’s Eggs Plus, which includes a bar, entertainment and food services where he aims at reducing the number of young persons on the streets. 


In 2021 however, Mr Jeffers found himself back in the music industry with the a new artist name of ‘khallion’ and created his album ‘Final Hour’ which is now loved by many and features a number of talented young persons. Thus far, he has created two music videos called ‘Struggle,’ ‘Frel me’ and ‘Strong’. On  May 1st 2021, the  deluxe version of his album will be released which includes a number of other videos. 


He wishes to thank everyone who has supported him throughout his life and hopes he is an inspiration to all the young people who has low self esteem as he was always told from young that he couldn’t sing. Never give up, believe in yourself and give it your best! 


Don’t forget to go to any music store online Apple Music or music Spotify and download the latest album  ‘Final Hour’

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