Born on 22nd august Edrick Dj Drixx Ettienne grew up in a village called gutter where each and every day he was surrounded with music....when his mother died in 2004 he came to scottshead and lives with his aunt where he was introduced to music once more ....traveled to st Martin just for a summer vacation in 2006 where he was introduced to djing by one of his cousins soon after returning to Dominica and finishing school he lunches himself into the music industry as a upcoming dj from scottshead known as dj drixx....soon after playing on stage events in his community and other places and getting to know other DJs and being inspired by Doimnica's top dj Dj Flip Tha Boss he decided to take it a step further. Got introduced to the ASA bantan dj clashwhere he went up against dj hot head from Portsmouth and the title name as 'tha champ.since then drixx fame spread and to this day he is still doing what he loves and does best!!