Garett Fernando Forbes alias Garucci hails from the inner-city streets of Kingston Jamaica with a childwood of humble beginnings, an ambitious spirit and a love for music.

Raised in an extended family household, He grow up worshiping His two older cousins who were brothers. The breadwinner for the family called Carlos and the Musician in the family called Jay. Both where murdered months a part and a war started, by this time Garucci's mother was an active traveler and took Him from the environment to spend sometime with her in The Commonwealth of Dominica .

The Commonwealth of Dominica was a new atmosphere for Garucci, the peace and way of life made everyday felt like a holiday contrary to the city life in Jamaica. After one year, Garucci returned to the acidic streets of Kingston Jamaica that claimed the life of His cousins. While in High school it drawn upon Garucci that He could memorize school notes if He rythm it with a beat and in class He excelled using this strategy and got the opportunity to sing one of his songs on ROOTS 96.1 FM in Jamaica.

However, trouble does not approach like rain and due to bad company Garucci got involved with gang culture shortly after He dropped out of high school and turn to the streets, making a name for himself by heading down a road of destruction when His mom quickly migrated Him back to Dominica after the passing of His close friend.

Trinidad, St Lucia, Barbados, providence islands, Santo Domingo and Antigua were some of the islands He toured but always had a special connection with Dominica and returned with a new prospective focusing on school to obtain adequate education but even than He could still out rap His classmates in freestyles. Admittedly, He committed His life to be like His cousins, a breadwinner for His family and expressing His past, present and future through music.