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Rapper Knutkase was born Fari Eric Winston on February 13th, 1985 in Goodwill Dominica. He was the 4th of 5 children to Lucille Sibille Jean Baptiste. His father Elwin Gerald Winston separated from his mother at an early age leaving her to raise him and his sister on her own. During his adolescence he was given the responsibility of being the bread winner to the family while he juggled between school and the streets.


Knutkase is an independent artist, songwriter and producer from the Commonwealth of  Dominica who describes himself as humble. He grew up on what is known as the Nature Isle, where he used hip-hop as a means of escaping and expressing his pain felt from the harsh realities of island life. He grew up listening to old classic reggae tunes played by his mother and was later introduced to hip-hop by his friend Kenneth “Quibles” Francis. This is where he inherited the love for the genre. He took a keen interest in the production of hip-hop in the late 90’s compiling mix tapes which fused hip-hop and dancehall to create what he calls DownIsland Hip-hop. Since 2003 he has released Seven Mixtapes  and several singles. In 1999 he formed a registered company called Globally Rated “G-Rated” with Partners Curtney "C-Menace" Richards & Pascal "Sniper” Martin. Artist such as 2Pac, Biggie, LOX, Eminem, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gregory Issac are among the many who influenced his creativity of witty grimy lyrics. 


He first touched the stage in 1998 with the song called "Bounce With Me” with his group "ERA SQUAD" Rapping to a local genre of music called Bouyon at the Miss Teen Pageant, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.  In 2008 he got a break along side reggae Artist Aima Moses as the opening act for Dancehall Artist Munga Honorable at the Bath Estate Fête La Coudre. He also performed with renowned opera singer Marie-Claire Giraud opening up for reggae Artist Richie Spice at the U.N.I.T.Y Festival on the Newtown Savanna in 2009. Knutkase was also a performer at the L.I.M.E Creole In The Park in 2010 & 2011. 


Musical Work to this date.

**End is just the beginning

**Street Fame

**Chump Change

**Nature island State of mind

**Down Island Hip-Hop

**Circle in Motion

**Business As Usual


He has also been Featured on several Musical compilations of artists

**GWC - Hustlers Choice, Money Over Beefing & Summer Time Swing

**Blackkingz - Pure Dancehall 


In 2012 he did a video for the song called Caribbean Girls that featured Amma Moses which spent 2 weeks consecutively at the number one spot on the GM Top 5 a local video show Created and Directed by Jawanza Stuart of Media House. After the passage of tropical storm Erika in 2015 he was featured on a record called "Dominica Strong” with several top local artists such as Michele Henderson, Carlyn Xp, Omalie 360, Heston Francis, Tasha P, Atunya, Devine Songz, and Amma Moses. A masterpiece created by Cornell “Fingers” Phillip to raise funds for the ongoing recovery effort. In 2019 he released three videos “Beautiful Hustle, Look At Me GO & If I Should I Die" to promote his upcoming album. To this date he has compiled a library of music that has yet to be released and is currently making waves towards showcasing his true artistic potential.